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     I am very pleased that the Windham School Board, in accordance with the recommendations of the Building and Grounds Advisory Committee, has identified an actionable plan that will solve the serious overcrowding problem that exists across our school system. Nicknamed Option C, this plan significantly expands and renovates Golden Brook School. At the same time, Option C addresses the needs of our middle school by adding much-needed science labs and space for additional courses (Technology Education and Family and Consumer Science) that will finally allow WMS to meet the New Hampshire Department of Education minimum standards for a comprehensive middle school.

     Option C provides additional space at GBS, which will become a Pre-K-4 school. Windham Center School will become a 5-6 school, and the Windham Middle School will be for grades 7 and 8 only. Under this restructuring plan, the Windham High School will have the space that it was originally intended to have for high school students (no third graders or preschool students will be at WHS). In short, Option C is a long-term solution for our students and our community.

     In order to arrive at this decision, members of the School Board and the Building and Grounds Committee worked with architects and construction cost estimators to explore and examine a wide range of potential solutions for our overcrowding problem. After extensive deliberation, it became clear that Option C was the most appropriate and the most effective way to provide all of our students with the types of learning environments they need to thrive. Plans for the construction of a new middle school were resurrected and strongly considered. However, the increased annual operating costs of a fifth school paired with unaddressed facility needs at Golden Brook School made the new school option less desirable than Option C.

     Option C is the best value for our children and our community at this time. I urge you to support Option C and to communicate the need to make Option C a reality. If you care about education, your community, and the value of your property please support this solution to overcrowding in our schools.




     Tina H. McCoy, Ed.D. – Interim Superintendent


     SAU 95 - Windham School District


The mission of The Windham School District is to be a continuously improving, learning community, providing quality services to enable all children to master the knowledge and competencies necessary to function skillfully throughout life.



Windham is a thriving community of over 15,500 residents. The Windham School District currently serves over 2,800 students at our four community schools - Golden Brook School (Kindergarten through 2nd), Windham Center School (3rd through 5th), Windham Middle School (6th through 8th) and Windham High School (9th through 12th).
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